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Located at 919 Haywood Rd. in West Asheville!

919 Haywood Rd, West Asheville

About Our Asheville Elixir Bar

Asheville Dispensary Elixir & Tea Bar is committed to providing a community-oriented space for authentic connection. Our intentional and medicinal offerings are always ethically sourced and as-local-as-possible. We aim to provide a shift from the typical bar setting – giving you an opportunity to embody nourishment and deep satiation through conscious consumption.

In our new store, you’ll find an immaculate, clean, and organized space that is both charming and inviting. With well-fitted counters, a cozy café, and a comfortable sitting area, it’s the ideal spot for working remotely or meeting with friends. The atmosphere strikes a balance between vibrant and serene, making it an excellent place for anyone looking to unwind.

Hydration Mertini

“This is a stellar place to go with friends, especially when you don’t want to drink, but you want to treat yourself in a healthy, natural, and delicious way. Amazing staff, wonderful environment.”

– Allison M. 

Pioneers in the Non-Alcoholic Scene

Founded in partnership with the NOHM Collective in 2018, this bar was the first official non-alcoholic space to hit the scene in Asheville. Now amidst many other incredible non-alcoholic venues in town, we are the first to offer our traditional elixirs along with Gongfucha – traditional Chinese tea service, and Boba, the popular Taiwanese tapioca drink.

We also multiple events every month including live music, community meetups, and educational talks.

Hydration Mertini

Our Drink Offerings

Gongfucha & Herbal Teas

  We offer a uniquely curated tea selection. Enjoy traditional teas from Rivers and Lakes Tea, a local direct-source merchant, and West China Tea from Austin, Texas. Herbal tisanes are provided by Medicine From Mother, a local woman-owned herbalism business.
We serve Gong Fu Cha, a mindful form of Chinese tea practice. This method involves steeping tea multiple times in short infusions, allowing flavors and aromas to develop gradually. Experience Gong Fu Cha on your own or with a group during our business hours. All our teas are available for purchase.
We proudly serve Alma Coffee Roasters, a company based in Canton, Georgia – and one of the only direct-trade coffee suppliers and roasters in the United States. Alma is a fully integrated company, from seed to cup – meaning they are responsible for the whole process rather than relying on external coffee farmers or brokers. It can be extremely rare to find coffee that has not made its way through coffee brokers and middlepeople before reaching the States. Alma coffee is ethically and sustainably farmed and produced. .

Coffee Elixirs

Specialty Boba Drinks

Our Boba program is a unique fusion of traditional Taiwanese Boba and modern health consciousness.We offer one of the cleanest varieties of tapioca Boba, amidst a variety of other fillings and toppings. We use organic, fair-trade teas, herbs and ingredients in all recipes. No chemicals or additives are ever used. Many teas can be made unsweetened and only whole-plant sweeteners are used if requested. The entire menu can be made vegan.