Coffee & Espresso

We proudly serve coffee from Alma Coffee Roasters: a direct-trade, farm-to-cup coffee company based in Northern Georgia.
Alma Coffee Roasters is a direct-trade, farm-to-cup coffee company based in Canton, Georgia. We are proud to serve their ethically and sustainably-sourced coffee behind our bar. The owners come from a long line of coffee farmers & are first-generation specialty coffee roasters.

Alma is a fully-integrated company, from seed to cup – meaning they are responsible for the whole process rather than relying on external farmers or brokers. It can be extremely rare to find coffee that has not made its way through coffee brokers and middlepeople before reaching the States.

“In 2018, Leticia and Harry Hutchins founded Alma Coffee with the idea of bringing Direct Trade coffee’s positive impact on the coffee industry to light while also striving to make ethically sourced farm-to-cup coffee accessible to everyone.

Alma’s story began over five generations ago in the remote mountains of Honduras where Leticia, a fifth-generation coffee farmer, was (quite literally) born to be in the coffee industry. Her father and co-founder of Alma, Al Lopez, was born and raised in coffee farms in Honduras before immigrating to the United States; Growing up, Al kept the family coffee farming legacy alive by taking Leticia every year to visit the family coffee farms in Copan, Honduras!

Leticia and Harry (H&L) met when they were just 16 years old in high school. A few years later, after graduating from college and landing their dream jobs as consultants at Big 4 accounting firms, H&L couldn’t help but feel as though they weren’t doing their part to make the world a better place. They began to frequently visit the family coffee farms in Honduras with Leticia’s father, Al, and quickly fell in love with the positive impact they knew they could make on the world through Direct Trade. It didn’t take very long for them to realize their life passion was to continue the family coffee business, and that’s when Alma Coffee was born!

We founded Alma on the same 3 key pillars in which our family coffee farms were founded upon:  Improving Lives, Sustainable Practices, and Extraordinary Coffee.