chinese & herbal tea

We carry a tea selection extremely unique to Asheville. Offering both individual cups and full tea service,
Chinese and Taiwanese teas are provided by Rivers and Lakes Tea, a local direct-source merchant providing high-quality tea from the high mountains of Asia; as well as West China Tea, a direct-source tea merchant from Austin, Texas.
Herbal tisanes are provided by Medicine From Mother, a local woman-owned herbalism business sourcing organic and wild-harvested ingredients. 
We serve Gongfucha tea: the mindful art of tea service.
Gong fu-style tea is steeped multiple times in short infusions, allowing all the constituents to be pulled out gradually and powerfully.
Gongfucha allows one to experience the wide variety of flavors and aromas over time, inviting us to slow down and experience our tea in fuller form. 
Gongfucha can be experienced on one’s own or with a group at any time. We offer tea service during all business hours.
All teas are available for purchase to take home, in small quantities or bulk.
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