Our Boba program is a unique fusion of traditional Taiwanese Boba and modern health consciousness.
Boba Tea

Boba Tea at Asheville Dispensary Elixir & Tea Bar
Brown Sugar Tapioca Pearls & choice of Tea – $7
1 flavor included, add a 2nd or 3rd for $1.25 each

Green Tea
White Tea
Oolong Tea
Black Tea
Black-Lychee Tea
Matcha Tea
Cold Brew Coffee
Strawberry Fruit Tea
Mango Fruit Tea
Lychee Fruit Tea

Boba Specials:

Brown Sugar Espresso Latte
Brown Coconut Sugar melted into double espresso

Thai Milk Tea
House-made Thai Tea, caffeine optional

Strawberry or Rose Matcha
Matcha tea combined with choice of Strawberry or Rose

Chai Latte
Iced Stimulation MerKola, add double espresso for $1.50

Ormus Add-Ons

Kejiwa Ormus Alchemy

Alchemical Preparations of Minerals & Magic
$4.50 Shot ◆ Flight of 3 for $15

I-A Rose
Sacred Valley Bulgarian Rose Damascena

Three Kings
Frankincense, Myrrh & Gold

Violet Crown
White, Pink & Blue Egyptian Lotus

Ringing Cedar
Siberian Pine

Tincture Add-Ons

Tinctures from Appalachian Alchemy & The NOHM Co.

Add plant extracts for extra medicine ◆ $2

Lemon Balm
Lion’s Mane
Milky Oats

April Drink Special - Strawberry Chai Boba
We offer one of the cleanest varieties of tapioca Boba, paired with a variety of organic, fair-trade teas, herbs and ingredients in our recipes. No chemicals or additives are ever used.
Many teas can be made unsweetened, and whole-plant sweeteners are used if requested. The entire menu can be made vegan.